September 2, 2019

Tips for traveling alone

The idea of traveling alone can be a nightmare sometimes, especially if you are used to traveling with guardians or you want to satisfy that childhood curiosity of traveling to 1000 destinations before you reach your primes. The idea of traveling alone is the best thing for introverts and all those who want to have independence in choosing places to go to.

 Although tour travel is recommended for first-time travelers, it is not a rule, you can get out of your comfort zone and get to learn new things, languages and get to know new people. The advantage of traveling solo is you don’t have to follow a strict travel plan; you can overstay, and change travel plans conveniently without complaints from other travelers. Here are some tips on how to travel alone and reap the full benefits of the experience.

Stick to your budget

To avoid the embarrassments of calling family members and friends for an extra loan, it is advisable to use your money wisely. Do not carry with you lots of cash exceeding 60$, it will attract attention, you can get mugged or open to fraud.

 Learn numbers

You should also learn some common numbers, for exchange reasons. In some countries, you have to change the dollar so you can trade with the locals. Though you should not be stubborn on the prices, insisting that, the imported goods cost cheaper in your home country. They have passed custom and the seller needs bread for the family too 

Book single friendly accommodation

 Do your research before starting the journey, for the best places to stay that are single friendly. They have rooms designed for couples, single people or even the entire family.

Copy of travel documents

 Leave a photocopy of travel documents with a friend or a close family member; you can also save one in your phone’s cloud or Google drive. This is to prepare for the worst. You don’t want the idea of losing your stuff in s foreign country alone. Though, it happens in minimal instances.

Read a book

 Reading is a good way to pass your time when traveling, sunbathing or resting on that perfectly made hammock in Africa. A good book will keep your mind occupied and can also attract attention to like-minded people; you can earn yourself some friends.


Now that you are alone, security is of the key, notify your hotel or relative whenever you go out. You should also avoid overdrinking as you can find some fun-loving people out there. Another way is, having your hotel organize a cab for you, which will be available at your convenience.

Mix with other travelers or locals at events

You can attend sites that other tourists are visiting for example museums, cultural centers, parks, and the beach. There you will find people who speak your language, the locals in these areas are also familiar to tourists.

Avoid flashy clothes, jewelry or watches Flashy clothes, watches, and rings will only get you noticed and singled out like a lone traveler. This can put you at risk of mugging. Try to dress as casual as possible. Or here is a better idea from my friend over at, try to dress as poor as possible. That’s right. Muggers will have NO idea about your financial status by taking this approach. My friend and his family actually tried this once and witnessed a mugger take advantage of another family nearby when visiting Mexico. What a close one!

Carry along with a list of allergies and medication

Carry along with you a list of allergies and written prescription or medicine from your doctor. Out of curiosity you might taste food or get bitten by an animal that you are allergic to bringing you problems.

Most of the locals are willing to help out where you are stranded, don’t be afraid to ask for directions. When you lay your paranoia aside and set foot for the experience, you will be amazed by how simple it is. You will even long for some other alone travel time.