What to do if You lose a passport in a foreign country

Have you lost your passport? Or are you nervous because you have once experienced the pain of losing identification documents, while on the verge of traveling? You have come to the right site.

The pain of searching your bags, revisiting places, recalculating steps and migraine are the effects of losing a passport. Relax take a glass of water because there is no need to cancel your travel plans; it will cost you more.

Don’t let karma destroy your holiday, you can get an emergency passport to cover your travel plans, the emergency passport only lasts for about three months in most countries, it is advisable to get a new 10-year passport, when you are finally home.

Steps to follow

Contact your country embassy or consulate, it is advisable to look out for your countries embassy before the travel, but if you missed that because of the many hurdles of planning for the trip. Visit your countries website and there you will find all the information on all the embassies and consulates, on their location, opening hours and you might even talk to the secretary if it is urgent.

File a report to the police, filing a police report is necessary for insurance claims if it is a robbery otherwise in some countries it only tends to slow down the process.

Have a passport color photograph, ensure that you always carry with you a passport color photograph, most probably of the dimensions specified by your home country. Having extra photos will most probably save you the hurdles of taking one at that stressful moment.

Identification documents, before leaving your country to ensure that you make a photocopy of your identification documents. You can even go an extra step and scan them, and then save in your cloud or Google drive. This is in case you lose everything including your gadgets, which is not an awesome experience. You need to provide proof that you are a citizen of the said country. Some countries are a bit strict on traveling thus more care should be taken.

fill a statement about the lost passport, for US residents you can download the document from your countries website, or visit the embassy where the form will be handed to you. I prefer the former because it is quicker. This document nullifies your passport; it cannot be used again even after finding it.

fill an application for a new passport, for US citizens to fill a document requesting for a new emergency passport, you should attach identification documents to this form and hand it over to the embassy.

Fees, you will be charged a fee, according to your countries rate, hence remember to take with you some few dollars.

Wait for a new passport, based on the urgency of your travel plans you will receive an emergency passport, a process that takes quite a while to process in some countries. Your country embassy will notify you, or send it to the address of your choice, once it is renewed.

Note; this is not an original passport; you will need to get a new passport once you get home. Have a nice holiday and remember to keep your things safe.